Tommy Rausch

Tommy Rausch – Guitar, Bass & Vocals

Born and raised in a small town 90 minutes from NYC, to a mother who sang live on the radio in the 40’s and father that made sure Tom and his 8 siblings knew that family, faith and music were the way of life. From playing behind curtains in bars that Tom was too young to be in or being a part of the impromptu 20th anniversary of Woodstock for an experience he’d never forget. Tom grew up playing the music he loves with his brothers in a band called the Rausch Brothers Band, with a strong local following for the next 40 plus years. All while raising his 4 kids and traveling from job to job doing what he loves. Tom enjoys listening and learning from some well-known bass players such as Lee Sklar, Marcus Miller and Jaco, along with many others and is humbled to have been able to have shared the stage with so many talented musicians he has been fortunate enough to have met in the business. Tom plans on keeping it going as along as his wife and the good lord allows him to.

Tommy Rausch - Guitar, Bass & Vocals