Corey Glover

Corey Glover – Vocals

Lead singer of Living Colour, the multi-talented Corey Glover has albums as a solo artist and acted in movies & television. Glover met guitarist Vernon Reid in the early ’80s. The duo went on to form Living Colour (along with drummer Will Calhoun and bassist Muzz Skillings), but just as the group was creating a buzz in the N.Y.C. underground, Glover had to briefly leave the group when he landed a part in Oliver Stone’s classic Vietnam movie, Platoon. Shortly after he returned, Living Colour was signed to Epic (thanks in part to a Mick Jagger-produced demo tape), and scored a big hit with their debut recording, 1989’s Vivid, and smash single/video “Cult of Personality.” Glover later launched a career as a solo artist, issuing Hymns in 1998, also finding time to appear as a VJ on VH1 and acting in the 1996 movie Loose Women including co-headlining a national tour of Jesus Christ Superstar as Judas, opposite Ted Neeley. Glover reunited with his Living Colour chums in 2001 and have released THE CHAIR IN THE DOORWAY in 2009. When not touring w/ Living Colour, Glover can also be seen w/ Galactic OR touring w/ his solo acoustic group.